What is a Pathfinder

Like Scouting, Pathfindering aims to provide special learning opportunities for youth. Unlike Scouting, Pathfindering has a religious reason for existing and thereby operates as a church-based function.

Officially organized in 1950, the Pathfinder organization has grown to include over 2 million members, in grades 5 through 10 around the world. These young participants meet regularly to take advantage of the speical programs and opportunities offered by their local clubs.

The Pathfinder Club is not mearly an entertainment offering, nor is it a baby-sitting service. It is an official program of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, on which has grown out of this church's unique idea of education and character development.

A typical Pathfinder meeting involves promptness; it involves neatness; it involves special mental and physical skills; and it involves community service. 

A Pathfinder must be on time to club meetings and appointments; they must cooperate with the leaders of the club and with the leaders of their individual unit. They learn reporting and management of money. There is precision, whether in crafts or in marching. There are respect anc courtesy and obedience of the highest and most reasonable kind, and patriotism and citizeenship too. There is the pledge of allegiance to the flag; there is involvement in the local community. There are hikes, weekend camping trips, and annual camporees and fairs; new places and new faces, friends made here and there. There are campfires that light and unite bright faces of all kinds, and stories and worship too.

Pathfinder Pledge                                                                                                                    
By the grace of God, I will be pure, kind and true.                                                           
I will keep the Pathfinder Law; I will be a servant
of God and a friend to man.

Pathfinder Law
The Pathfinder Law is for me to:
Keep the Morning Watch
Do my honest part
Care for my body
Keep a level eye
Be courteous and obedient
Walk softly in the sanctuary
Keep a song in my heart
Go on God's errands.





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